About us

One of our lovely models shows off our kitchenwareHere we are again. Just in case you’re at the wrong site, our name is Gabriela Austin and we make aprons. We are based in Covent Garden in London.

We make things others don’t make. We don’t copy other people, (although people copy us).

Everything we do is done in England. Everything we make is made here, from cutting the cloth to double screen-printing the exquisite slogans. In our workshop, the only things from the far east are the noodles we eat at lunchtime.

Our materials are professional-grade and will stand up to anything any angry person can throw at them. They are machine washable. The colours don’t run and the prints don’t fade. We have been doing this for about 7 years so far, so we know what we are talking about.

There are 3 collections of aprons for you to browse and buy.

Whilst you are here – do check our blog to see what is happy and new. We make no apologies for the quality of the humour.

Compliments and achievements:

Best Seller – Housewares Magazine 2012

Selected – ‘Pickwick Parade’ 2011, 2012 – The Centre, Milton Keynes

Selected – ‘Ten Great Christmas Gifts’ – Covent Garden, London 2010

We are members of ACAVA